How To Do Your Own Bridal Makeup

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Your big day is fast approaching and you’re debating on whether or not to do your own makeup because nobody else can seem to get it the way you do? If this is the case, do not worry because doing your own makeup sounds like a genius idea if you’re familiar with doing your own makeup. Nobody knows your face like you, do know what needs more concealing and what needs highlighting and contouring so you are walking down the correct path in terms of decision making.
The idea of doing your own makeup on your big day can be daunting and nerve wracking and the best way to avoid being the train wreck anxious bride is to remind yourself of your makeup doing abilities and all the times you practiced at home and got the makeup just right.
Get started early
The key to getting your own bridal makeup done is to get started early so that there will be no rush and jazz hands making your eyeliner go all over the place and give you a temporary black eye and this brings me to my other tip which is to wear long lasting products on your big day so that by the time the reception is over, your make up has not vanished into thin air.

Keep in mind to also wear waterproof products so when the tears come streaming down during the father daughter dance, you will be assured to come out of it looking the same and not like a dead raccoon with two black eyes.
Use the right products
Even though the importance of waterproof products was highlighted upon, there are more products that you can go immensely wrong with so it is important to practice your bridal makeup a couple of times with different products so that you can understand what works on your skin type and what doesn’t.
Use good brands when it comes to makeup so that you are ensured a long lasting makeup look, brands such as motives cosmetics have an amazing line of cosmetics.
Brands such as motives makeup have amazing moisturizers that you use as a base for your foundation.
Give attention to your skin
Nobody wants to look like a pale zombie bride on their wedding day so make sure you get a tan or use a good bronzer that wouldn’t come off so that you can have that dewy, glow skin on your wedding day and look like an absolute bombshell.
If you’re considering doing your own makeup on your big day, these tips and tricks will definitely come in handy and make you look like an angel walking down the aisle.