What Are The Top Reasons Of Hair Falling In Women?

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Woman’s body go through several breakthroughs with aging. This is predicted to be one of the major reasons why the most women face hair loss after a certain point of age. Here, in this article we will explore some of the most anticipated reasons that are responsible for women’s hair loss.

The reasons are-

Excess use of chemicals and hairstyling tools-Use of an excessive amount of hair styling products such as mousse, gels, colours, sprays and tools such as straightners, curling rods etc can harm the growth and the hair. Most present day fashioners are intrigued towards these products and that’s the reason why most of them come across with the severe consequences. Whenever they experience hair loss, without wasting any more time, they must visit the trichologists for proper hair loss treatment.

Polycystic Cysts-Many women have to undergo hair loss treatment because of the health issue of polycystic cysts. This is mainly caused with the excessive secretion of the male hormone- androgen. These are accumulated to form small sacs on the walls of the ovaries. These are called cysts. It is because of the hormonal imbalance, some women have to suffer from hair falling problems. Excessive growth of cysts hampers the regular menstrual cycle in women as well that also causes increased rate of hair fall.

Pregnancy-Pregnant women have a tendency towards losing lots of hair. According to many this is the time when estrogen level is much high. That’s why many women grow lots of mane in this course of nine months. But soon after the birth, the hormone level gets back to its usual level causing an excess amount of hair loss.

Menopause-Women in their menopause suffer from an excess rate of hair falling issue because of the reduction of estrogen hormone in their body. This is another major breakthrough in all women and besides various other health issues they have to come across with the nightmare of hair loss.

Anemia-Anemic women are prone to lose their wavy hair. In fact, a certain point of time, it hampers the growth of the normal hair. Therefore, anemic women must add more irons to their diets to balance the hemoglobin in their bodies. They are usually very weak and some of them put on lots of weights because of this health hazard.

Excessive weight lossWomen, who are prone towards crash dieting to reduce their weight to size zero- often lose hair due to starvation. Don’t follow such rules to destroy the normal hair growth and sustenance. These are some of the top reasons of hair fall in women.

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