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How To Do Your Own Bridal Makeup

Sebastian Frueh   October 12, 2015   Comments Off on How To Do Your Own Bridal Makeup

Your big day is fast approaching and you’re debating on whether or not to do your own makeup because nobody else can seem to get it the way you do? If this is the case, do not worry because doing your own makeup sounds like a genius idea if you’re familiar with doing your own makeup. Nobody knows your face like you, do know what needs more concealing and what needs highlighting and contouring so you are walking down the correct path in terms of decision making.
The idea of doing your own makeup on your big day can be daunting and nerve wracking and the best way to avoid being the train wreck anxious bride is to remind yourself of your makeup doing abilities and all the times you practiced at home and got the makeup just right.
Get started early
The key to getting your own bridal makeup done is to get started early so that there will be no rush and jazz hands making your eyeliner go all over the place and give you a temporary black eye and this brings me to my other tip which is to wear long lasting products on your big day so that by the time the reception is over, your make up has not vanished into thin air.

Keep in mind to also wear waterproof products so when the tears come streaming down during the father daughter dance, you will be assured to come out of it looking the same and not like a dead raccoon with two black eyes.
Use the right products
Even though the importance of waterproof products was highlighted upon, there are more products that you can go immensely wrong with so it is important to practice your bridal makeup a couple of times with different products so that you can understand what works on your skin type and what doesn’t.
Use good brands when it comes to makeup so that you are ensured a long lasting makeup look, brands such as motives cosmetics have an amazing line of cosmetics.
Brands such as motives makeup have amazing moisturizers that you use as a base for your foundation.
Give attention to your skin
Nobody wants to look like a pale zombie bride on their wedding day so make sure you get a tan or use a good bronzer that wouldn’t come off so that you can have that dewy, glow skin on your wedding day and look like an absolute bombshell.
If you’re considering doing your own makeup on your big day, these tips and tricks will definitely come in handy and make you look like an angel walking down the aisle.

There Is Nothing Better Than Being You

Sebastian Frueh   October 5, 2015   Comments Off on There Is Nothing Better Than Being You

The world is going on to a shutdown mode because each person is losing their individuality and the only thing they would truly want to be is the other person they admire. Famous personalities or a stereotypical body image is taking over the very essence of being a human being. This is not acceptable because if this continues, soon it will be a mechanical world, all trying to imitate one another and all achieving a lot yet nothing has been the result. Thus, the only suggestion we have up on offer is that admiring someone is good, being like that person is even better, but you must show your originality to shine.

Look and feel gorgeous from inside
There was once a time when only the skinny was acceptable as the sense of perfection on screen. This would look like a gorgeous thing one would ever cross the path, apparently, but in real life to be that and to have to live a life, where you are almost malnourished, it will only harm you in the end. Time and again, these stereotypes were broken and what came was a new trend and new lifestyle, but nothing was taken lightly, everything had to be taken to the very extreme. While people are gaining enough ability to realize for themselves the kind of choices they are making are bad, there are certain ways by which you can achieve what you want and still be the same human being, in terms of appearance. The cosmetic world has a lot on offer, so if you are unhappy with some feature of your body or face, you can enhance it and still be you. For instance, you can always try for great eyelash extension if you are unhappy about them.
Understanding the cosmetic world perfectly
The progress that the cosmetic world has made is truly incredible and they would need their due credit. Although, one thing that you need to know is that you are pretty in every form and shape and size and when people would say something against that, you must not pay heed to these negativities; rather try to soothe their wounded soul. So, if you are unhappy with a certain feature and let us take the example of eyelash extensions, you can always glue them onto the lid and be beautiful, the way you would want to be. And once the purpose of this cosmetic product has been served, come back home and get rid of them and truly admire the gorgeous self you are and have truly the best of both the worlds. So, get started early and beautify yourself to steal the show! If you are looking for more services like permanent eyebrows, check this out for details.