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Its like hes making me chase him. I was afraid of losing him and very angry at the same time. Ive often heard clients say to me that their Aquarius man says they miss them, but then disappear into nowhere. He should tell you what he thinks and how he feels about it when it comes to you. I realised I pushed him a bit to talk about us. Take action now and start building the future you deserve. Aquarius always looks for more knowledge, greater experience. I was sleeping I couldnt take the call. However, when he is in love, he does try. My friend and Relationship Astrologer Anna Kovach also wrote a step-by-step guide Aquarius Man Secrets if you want to read your Aquarius man's mind and body language to know what he truly feels for you. Eye contact is also a good clue: if he likes you, he will try to make eye contact as much as possible, otherwise, he will try to look away from you. He can tell me Im perfect the way I am and that he loves me and I find it so hard to believe him. When you are intimate, he just doesn't seem into it anymore. The Aquarius man is ruled by father Saturn. Why he picks fights in a nutshell: He fights with you because he wants you to be the one to break up with him. Next, he avoids making any concrete plans at all. When the Aquarius man doesnt like you anymore, he will feel guilty and avoid meeting your eyes. 6. He is always busy. I love him and I tend to over communicate, how can we meet at a common ground and allow our relationship to blossom? A mistake at work may go wrong but your boss will be understanding . If he doesn't care for you, he'll . Close is a 2022 coming-of-age drama film directed by Lukas Dhont, and written by Dhont and Angelo Tijssens, reteaming after their first feature film Girl (2018). Different religions/beliefs. You might say that my Aquarius man wont let me go or my Aquarius man says he misses me. But remember these are just words it is better for you to take notice of his actions and if those two things dont align, then you are just wasting your time. He will simply look bored and disinterested, and these qualities arent something you ever want to evoke in an Aquarius man. Dont make the Aquarius man give up his alone time, or he will resent you and, hence, your relationship. His 13 year past relationship endet bcs of him not wanting to get married and have kids. He will make excuses not to be alone with you for long periods. Even though he may be very busy, he will typically take some time somewhere to say hi. He is self-centered. The Aquarius man is not above using someone for personal gain. If a Sagittarius man falls in love, he goes through a . They'll want you to always be around because they are gentle and sweet like that. Ahh you held out an expectation of what he was going to do when he got a job and now because he didnt do that, you feel jilted. He Never Takes Responsibility. Read also : Number One Reason Aquarius Avoids Your Texts. Otherwise, it might help you to learn more about them. It has helped thousands of women to get more clarity, increase intimacy and improve communication with the man in their life. I come home thought all was fine and then here he is pushing back but still here. Get more details about your Gemini man! If the Aquarius man tells you that he doesnt want a relationship, that should be enough for you to understand that he doesnt like you. If an Aquarius man doesn't like you, he will cut back on texts, if not stop altogether. He is so sweet , kind, protective of me, and very honest which hurts sometimes but helps me in the end. Back off and make him miss you. It is not easy for women to find a good man, and to be honest it is not easy for a man to find a good woman. We have been having problems for awhile. First, he wants to know whether you're the type who will tolerate people invading their space. There is much to be learned about him but I can tell you that patience is what is required to make it work with him. Me and my Aquarius man has been having a lot of argument which is always initiated by mean cos I mostly dont understand me,we arent in a relationship but we have a very special friendship normally if we have argument we talk about it, acknowledge our faults and things go back to normal but dis time is different we talked about it, but now he doesnt talk that much to me again, always there for me when I have a problem, calls me but not like b4. Along the lines of being distracted, his stress can also distract him from speaking to you. You might want to check out my book Aquarius Man Secrets for more information. 3. He might say he misses you, and genuinely feels that way, but the emotions are too much for him to handle. As a Libra, you probably get having time to yourself but Aquarius wants more than most of the other signs in the Zodiac. Tell him youd like to meet up and discuss things so that everything can get worked out. Check out Aquarius Man Secrets. I caught him cheating and flirting which he really apologized for and promise he wont do it again. If you dont then youre not going to understand each other and things will fail. He will not call you, he will not write to you, he will not visit you, etc. Hell take this as youre chasing him, and things will not go well for you. If none of the signs above apply to your situation, avoid this painful experience by diving deep into the complex mind of the Aquarius man with Relationship Astrologer Anna Kovach's Aquarius Man Secrets guide. Either he will avoid you like the plague if he doesnt like you or hell be a verbal mess and tell you he doesnt like you. We, the Angels and Masters of the Christ Circle, are the ones who truly are in charge of you and your world. But then he said since you want to know I dont think so. Keep your head held high and simply move on because life is too short to waste your time on someone who clearly doesnt care about hurting your feelings. The way hes acting does sound like hes bored but I think its because of the situation you are in. 4 Reasons Why Aquarius Is The Most Complicated Lover In The Zodiac, Be independent and have an interesting life to share, Show him that you can be unconventional and that you have an open mind, Dont put pressure on him to connect with you emotionally you need to be patient, Try to be his friend first before taking the romantic route, Try to be more mysterious and always keep him guessing. I would suggest being very careful when dealing with an Aquarius man, it is good to guard your heart at first, or else their dismissiveness and aloofness can really end up hurting your feelings in a bad way. One night he called me early hours of the morning. There must be a reason why Aquarius woman is unpredictable. This man is known for taking things slowly in relationships and preferring casual affairs over serious long-term commitments. He's not like a Libra man where the Libra will still be nice to youCapricorn will go cold and completely emotionless. She tells you everything you need to know to know if a Capricorn man is not into you. 9 Ways Your Body Tells You You're Not In Love Anymore. I tried to explain the following morning. The summary of why he is unreliable: When he doesnt do what he says he will, it is unlikely that he cares, and when he doesnt care, he probably isnt that interested in you in the first place. He is fighting with you because he is trying to push you away and wants you to call it quits. One of the common signs an Aquarius man is not into you is when he doesn't ask you weird or unusual questions. When a Leo woman feels the end is near, she will do what it takes to find a path forward. 11. The login page will open in a new tab. Aquarius men can be really hard to grasp, being that they are so aloof and detached, it can be hard to gauge if they truly have feelings for you or not. Dont let commitment issues continue to hold your relationship back. If an Aquarius man doesnt go out of his way for you, then he likely never intends to do so. Are there some clear indications for you to look for to know when an Aquarius man doesnt like you anymore? When he cares about someone, he tends to be a straight shooter. At that point, youll know if he likes you or if hes done. Before he got the job, he was broke, I did helped him with some amount of money, he thanked me for the money, but after he got the job,I expected him to buy me gifts and things to appreciate,cos I love gifts alot. With this system, youll learn how to communicate with him effectively, get him to open up about his fears, and ultimately create a deeper connection that will lead to a committed relationship. The Aquarius man cant meet you in the eye because he feels youll find out that his feelings and affections are no longer evident in the way he looks at you. Cut your losses and move on! Here are some pointers that might help him change his feelings about you. Let him work for your love at this point honey. I saw him last night and we were intimate then when he left, I havent heard from him since which makes me feel bad and wonder what his true intentions are with me because he says he loves me and only wants me but rarely make an effort to continuously communicate. He told me many times to not give up on him and dont let him go before the breakup, but when I tried to hold him back, he was being very cold hearted and did not want me to see him or touch him. Thats just who they are. You'll really be able to figure out that he likes you with this sign, as this Aquarius man is interested in you enough to give you all of his attention. When hes busy, he sometimes slacks on the communication front. Aquarius is a slow mover and even when its time to making up, he wants to still have his personal freedom. We had an argument recently because I was frustrated with not knowing where I stood and hes blocked me on all social media and my number. Due to covid not at all. Updated: Feb. 24, 2021. 6. Im tired of starting new all over again so i just decided to not risking anything anymore im done meeting Men and done wanting a realtionship specially all my relationships starts when i accept being alone,Men keep ruining it for me and even if i dont want to try they manage to pursuit me. I dont want this routine of my life,i feel like pushing Men away from me and not give them a chance to meet me i been a good person but now i feel like i been taking for granted again and again The Aquarius man has low patience for things he dislikes; he will have a shorter temper when he doesnt like you anymore. If you need more information about Aquarius man, try reading my book Aquarius Man Secrets. A Capricorn man doesn't make excuses for the ones he loves, and he's never too busy for them either. We always told each other everything,but he just ate his promises and left without even trying to work it out and decided to just wanting to be single because something was missing in our relationship (not like it was when we 1st met) . If he starts making himself so busy that he no longer has time for you, then he may have decided that youre not the right one. If this is the case, then youre going to just have to wait until he calms down then try to have a rational conversation with him so he can tell you what hes feeling. I have known him for a year and 8 months now. Sometimes I feel like he dont care about me or even love me cause he so distance and but I know its from my overthinking and he always tells me dont overthink lol .I really do love him and I have made it very clear we are not friends with benefits but idk if its just friends he wants to be or maybe wanting to be friends first and then a relationship????? The Pisces man is a giver. They don't make commitments. At home, he is very touchy and sweet. He just loves to give back to humanity. We love each other but he never says it, he shows it by giving me space, respect, asking about the things that interest me, asking me how I am and by not being mean. Is it ok to just stop risking it with Aquarians? The Aquarius man loves someone who can understand him on a soul level. You are likely a trusted and valuable friend to him. I was so scared to loose him I keep calling and texting him prolly a 1,000 times some days he would reply but not anymore honestly I think he blocked me its been about 5 days since I last seen him and maybe 2 days since I last spoke to him we use to sleep together every night and he always called or texted me first ? Either you should stop with Aquarius OR maybe there is a reason you are attracted to Aquarius so much. Spend quality time with him when you can then understand when he needs to be alone, he needs to be alone. We had a relationship for 7 months and due to COVID we didnt see each other for a little while then I moved a bit further away. The point of why he doesnt want to be in a relationship: an Aquarius man values his independence and freedom above everything else, and if he feels like you are putting this in danger, he is likely to run away! He said there was no problem. I think you should ask him if he is bored and what you can do to help him feel more alive again. Make the Aquarius man fall for you again. He doesn't initiate conversations. Sadly he was even more worried how toxic would be our relationship once we are intimate. A man spends on a woman because he wants her to know that he cares. The communication grows worse every day, which make me feel he doesnt care about me. He is always making plans and thinking one step ahead of everyone else, so it isnt uncommon for him to talk about the future. If an Aquarius man doesnt like you, he will cut back on texts, if not stop altogether. I dont think he would be there if he did not want to be whether kids are involved or not. 2. Gee sorry to hear that. #6: You can hear it in your voice. Inside, y. ou'll discover what might be going on underneath the surface, what's the hidden message behind his words and behavior, and many other little-known secrets all based on one simple fact his Zodiac sign. Find a woman in my area! When an Aquarius man isnt interested in you, he can be rather evasive and non-committal. Does your Aquarius man seem hesitant or reluctant when it comes to committing to a relationship? ago. But how can you see the signs if an Aquarius man is not into you anymore? He's seeing someone else. Aquarius is an air sign and air signs tend to be emotionally distant.They are charming at first and this characteristic makes them really irresistible to many. If he does tell you he doesnt like you, hell tell you the exact reasons. There is truly only one thing you can do when an Aquarius man stops texting you back, and that is to mirror his behavior. He deffinetly keeps me hanging on but very small amounts. I think if you get it all out in a sweet way proving your loyalty to him, you could still have something special. Table of Contents Chapter 1 (v.1) - Seeing Nothing But Good In Everything Chapter 2 (v.1) - Earth Life - A Place Of Learning Chapter 3 (v.1) - About Spirit Friends And Helpers Chapter 4 (v.1) - Love And Evolution - Main Laws Of Life Chapter 5 (v.1) - Humankind's Evolutionary Journey Chapter 6 (v.1) - Responsibilty For Every Thought, Word And Action Chapter 7 (v.1) - Seeing God In Everything . Why he is so honest: This man doesnt beat around the bush. So no more feeling frustrated and unsure about where you stand with him, No more waiting around for him to make a move. Aquarius men like dipping their toes in the water before jumping all the way in. Do not show up in front of his face 24/7, or your relationship with an Aquarius guy will never last long. Dont short change yourself too much. I am a Gemini/Cancer (cusp) and my Aquarius friend have been seeing each other for about 5 months. As a rule, the Aquarius man isnt the warmest person in the world. He might have a lot of friends and don't feel like he has any friends. If responsibility were a human, it would be a Capricorn man. I am dating an aquarius Man, hes 27 years old, our relationship is just 3months old, at the beginning of the relationship,he communicates with me morning and evening, but immediately he got a job, the communication dropped, he at times calls me once in a while and says Ive forgotten him and I couldnt call him, as time went on I begun to always I call, and I complained to him about him not always calling but only me calling, he told me the job hes into is really stressful and hard on him, that he most times forget the important things. But it is a reality of many men who fail to open up easily, even with their friends. He's told me he likes me and has love for me. It really isnt very pleasant to be around and I am sure you know it is quite a turn-off. Take it as a consolation that the Aquarius man was honest with you and didnt lead you on. Ask him questions when you need to to find out the answers. I know this and when we first started talk we had no problem. Make sense? Answer (1 of 20): As An Aquarius man, I think we try to slowly if not immediately space ourselves from the individual. It will take a lot of patience, but once youve mastered communicating with the Aquarius man, you are on your way to building a solid and lasting relationship with him. Weve been very happy until he suddenly decided to break it off ( 2 weeks ago) and that he doesnt know why he feels the way of wanting to be single all of a sudden. Aquarius Man and Sagittarius Woman Relationship Pros, 10 Things You Should Do To Get A Cancer Man To Like You, 10 Essential Steps to Deal With An Angry Aries Man, How to deal with a Scorpio Man after a fight? You can also try doing something new in the bedroom, participating in thrilling activities, or trying new hobbies together. It's important to him that his relationship makes him feel free to be himself, and that having ample alone time. He likes to pour her heart out in love. If an Aquarius man isnt speaking about the future with you, there is a very good chance that he isnt into you. To most that makes no sense but thats how they live. Him being quiet is because hes not unsure and in a state of confusion on whether or not he can rely on you after having had this happen. When an Aquarius man says he doesnt want a relationship, he is definitely speaking the truth. The thing is hes said hes not ready for a relationship which is fine, but why does he feel the need to communicate with me everyday if he doesnt want a girlfriend? All you can really do is make yourself happy. Then he doesnt actually care if you dont like him or not. It could give you more insight to the heart of the Aquarius man. The reason for his analysis: When he is annoyed with you, he will question everything and see if you actually fit into his life. If he is actually interested in you, he will not only tell you about what his vision for the future is but also make sure that he shares the . We broke up but have now begun to take things slow again, but for some reason although he says he misses me and can have 3 hour long intellectual conversations with me he always makes excuses about seeing me/hanging out when I ask. Hell be super vague and refuse to answer your questions directly. One of the worst qualities of an Aquarius man is his stubborn streak it can be so annoying to deal with! I agreed to be friends bcs after all we were happy and i loved him. You will notice him getting irritated and snapping at you more often than usual. Either he ignores it or hell say hes busy with XYZ. If youd like, you can learn more about me on this page here. He a. When a Capricorn man is in real love, he clears anything and everything for you. He does this because he is trying to push you away from him. He said that Im not patient enough and I dont make enough time for him. Well it probably scared him that you could give up on him. He doesn't ask you unusual questions. Im confused, I do not know if I should hold him tight or should J just leave him and let him be.. His care has not gone away overnight as is why hes still showing you. With this program, youll gain the knowledge and confidence to create the loving and committed relationship youve been longing for. Read More About Me! Tell him you really didnt mean to come off as flaky and you definitely didnt want to break it off. Gemini won't really talk to you. I think that if he hears that then he will possibly give it another chance. Darling, you have got to go with what feels best for you. The best thing to do is not approach them with any sort of attitude. He told me i will always be his best woman he had. Sometimes, an Aquarius man breaks up with somebody because he needs some space to reevaluate the relationship. If you feel he is slowly moving away from you, here are 10 signs that will tell you if a Pisces man is not into you or over you: 1. Yesterday I confronted him about of his flings calling him and he said there is nothing between them that I nag too much and he prefer when we were in a long distance relation now the fight is getting to him and he isnt excited like before whenecer I say I am coming over.I should go out and have fun. Hell be really obvious one way or the other. The Aquarius man loses interest when someone fails to deal with his complex personality. When an Aquarius man doesn't like you, he will not ask you out for a movie night date. He will show changes in his behavior and treatment of his partner and wait for her to deal with it and leave him. 1. Honesty never fails to win his trust, and trust, in turn, will make him open up and let you get closer to him. I proposed we should take a brake. Being the best friend to an Aquarius man means spending time with him and making him feel comfortable and happy in your presence. Hello, I have been with acqurious for 3 months now. So even when they commit, they still want their freedom. This girl is pretty complicated and hard to read, according to the opposite sex. Now that you have insights about your Gemini man and some strategies for texting him. Distrust is one of the signs Signs Your Husband is Not in Love With You Anymore that is most prominent in an Aquarius. Dont take that personally. I dont think you want to though. However, if he isnt interested in you then he may not calculate you into his future. For all their revolutionary ideas, they can be quite close-minded. His coldness, the lowdown: When an Aquarius man doesnt care that he is being heartless and cruel, he has likely lost his feelings for you. Your intuition is screaming at you but you arent listening. There IS a reason and you should probably have your chart looked out to find out why. You two need to talk things through or youre not going to get anywhere. Aquarius people need to be involved with things that hold their attention. Discuss intellectual conversations. You have an Aquarius stellium, so need to know. This is honestly just a way of trying to push you away from him because he doesnt have enough guts to tell you that he is no longer interested in you. Either way, if you ask him, he will tell you. He is busy at the same time he love me pls I need some advice I have been patients for almost 2yrs now. When an Aquarius man is losing interest, you'll have to accept that he doesn't like you anymore. Then youll know where you stand and if there is anything else moving ahead. And that message is that he doesnt really respect you and he also doesnt want you getting the wrong ideas about him. And he agreed to meeting my parents when I go back to visit him which will be in a couple months .. They don't want to be around the person of their interest. 2. Welcome to my blog about the Aries man. We dont spend much time together, but it has became more recently. They enjoy loving the right person and won't want that person to be out of sight for a long period of time. When you figure that out, youll be able to plan around make sure your needs are being met as well. Signs aquarius man not interested anymore. Always checks to make sure I made it home alright and asks me to stay the night sometimes because he doesnt want me driving home that late. However, he is usually quite well behaved, unless he doesnt really have feelings for you. This came out of absolutely nowhere and Im so lost and confused. When he loves someone, he wants to spend time with them and get to know them. You think you know an Aquarius man, but the next thing you find him to be cruel and mean-spirited. He says he only discuss places with people that have been there also. You might want to check out my book Aquarius Man Secrets for more information. He might stick around for a while, but . Planned to move in, babies and then it just gradually went off for no reason. If you dont get as many benefits as you are giving him, say your goodbyes because its clear you are being used. Dont run the Aquarius mans life for him; he sometimes allows people to do that because of his. He says he still feels the same way about me but we only talk like twice a day. Be a good listener, someone he can trust and respect that hell turn to you whenever he needs someone to talk to. No future plans summarized: An Aquarius loves talking about the future, but if he doesnt include you in his plans, you are definitely out of luck! As they're the same element, they "speak the same language . The Aquarius man in love is loyal and affectionate; he likes to be the hero knight who fights for his. He never asks you out on dates. Aquarius (January 21st to February 18th) You know an Aquarius man doesn't love you when you feel like you've only gotten to know the surface of who he . You still stand a chance with your Aquarius man by knowing what he wants deep within and giving all of it to him, to find out what those needs and wants are, I recommend reading. If he isnt asking you questions then you need to go ahead and bring up topics yourself and tell him all you can about you. Pretending That Everything Is Fine. Make the Aquarius man feel supported and understood, not judged or pressured to be something hes not. I have profound knowledge about Emotional Energy and Healing, Angels to Astrology, Meditation, Law of Attraction, Tarot, and Numerology. If you give him space, then he might come back and pretend as if nothing happened, but then it is up to you to decide if you are willing to put up with this terrible behavior or not. An Aquarius man will be able to separate his thoughts from his feelings. I have tried numerous time to schedule to see him, he sometimes cancel and doesnt make any effort to reschedule which was one of the issues we were having. While hes doing that, hes likely not to talk to you much (if at all). The planet that governs everything with strict rules and regulations. All this signs i ignored bcs i truly believed he is the one.

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