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Please check settings. Aki Akihiro Akio Arata Atsushi Ayumu Dai Daiki Daisuke Eiji Fumio Haruki Haruto Hayate Hibiki Hideki Hideo Hikaru Hinata Hiraku Hiroaki Hiroki Hiroshi Hiroyuki Hitoshi So here are the list of Japanese food inspired cat names for both male and female kittens. Yakiniku restaurants typically feature a coal grill built into the table. You could name him Coffee or Cappuccino. This post may contain affiliate links. We think we've found the cutest names for the five most popular pets: dogs, cats, fish, birds, and rabbits. Asahi - Morning sunlight Atsushi - Kindness. Juro is a male Japanese dog name meaning "best wishes or someone blessed with a long life". Food names for cats seem to align more heavily with the appearance of the feline itself. Kenta means "large, strong, and healthy" and is a Japanese name for a dog. Alma If you have any more ideas that would be great for a cat, please let us know in the comments below. 24. Inspired by Japanese cuisine and culture? 2023 PetPress. If you have a male cat, we highly recommend checking out these masculine Korean names for your kitten. If you're a Japanese speaker, or interested in learning more about the language, these cat-related Japanese words also make for super cute names. These names are soo cute! Nao represents a possessive pet in Japan, making it ideal for dog names. 28. Reo is a Japanese word for lion. A Feline Nutrition Guide, How to Discipline Cats: A Guide to Positive Discipline, How to Stop Kittens From Biting: Tips for Cat Owners, A Cat Scared of Cucumbers? Akira - means bright or clear. Out of these male Japanese food names for cats, I live Yuzu the most. Shiori has a Japanese origin and is one of the sweetest Japanese dog names meaning "poems". is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Enter your account data and we will send you a link to reset your password. 33. Hanako meaning "flower child" is derived from Hana Flower. You order from a selection of bite-sized raw meats and vegetable plates and you cook the food yourself. 99. 44. Japanese names for male dogs. At PetPress we love our pets of all shapes and sizes. Java- Coffee names work well for brown pets. Cute Japanese Food Inspired Dog Names (for males and females) Sashimi Sabi Tsume Shrimp Nigiri Tofu Ramen Soba Boba Yaki Curry Rice Shiitake Sake Dango Dashi Fuji Kaki Minto Blossom Momo Nashi Raju Ringo Teriyaki Soy Castella Ikura Curry Chow Chunk Beefy Spring Roll Hibachi Ginger Tikka Masala Saag Shiitake Curry Broccoli Jujube Puttanesca Puddin %privacy_policy%. Liz Westwood from UK on September 16, 2020: This is a great list of suggestions, especially for people looking for something a little more unusual as a name. 34. The dogs learn to react to such names much faster, since pronouncing them reinforces the change of tone. You can find more in our food dog names. Cookies collect information about your preferences and your devices and are used to make the site work as you expect it to, to understand how you interact with the site, and to show advertisements that are targeted to your interests. Here you'll find all collections you've created before. Matcha - perfect for an Asian or specifically Japanese breed. Aim for clear, crisp names so your dog can learn it quickly and, hopefully, come when called. Junko is a perfect name for a cat who is pure and obedient. It is one of the famous Neko names originating from Japanese folklore. Cute Animal Names in Japanese for Dogs Rei or Zero Erda Estremera Cute Fruit and Food-Inspired Japanese Names Mori or Forest Lucrezia Carnelos Pretty Nature-Inspired Japanese Pet Names Kumo or Cloud Julio Bernal Japanese Names: Shapes, Colors, Numbers Learn Hiragana 2020 Laynie H Comments Laynie H (author) from Bend, Oregon on September 16, 2020: The Harvest Moon games introduced me to some of their more usual creatures, such as wild boars and squirrels. Which Type of Dog Fence Is Right For Your Pet? These cute Japanese pet names draw from nature, culture, food, colors and qualities to help you find the best name match for your adorable new pal. Photo: Mandy Velez. Food: We all love it and we all need it to survive (much like dogs). It's no surprise that sweets and spices dominate the list of food names for girl dogs, but, of course, there are spicy options, like Chili and Pepper. Kuu means "sky or crimson red" and as a pet name it can signify the skin color of the pet. Hwan - shining and bright. 4. These tough Japanese pet names evoke the many different qualities of toughness in Japanese culture bravery and courage, warrior skill and valor, strength and athleticism, fierceness and protectiveness. Kona - Bean variety from Hawaii. Wow! He'll be by your side for all of your outdoorsy adventures. A Guide To Hamster Hibernation. 1. Trixie - after Trix cereal. Hiragana is easiest for learners and is used to write out suffixes following complex kanji (characters, more advanced). She runs a popular pet blog and has authored two animal books. Hiroshi meaning generous, indicates the nature of your feline. Below are some exotic and meaningful Japanese dog names to choose from. Biscuit. Pork Roll- a funny food name for a pudgy puppy. Ayumu - Dream. Java - Bean variety from Indonesia. If youre the type of pet parent that loves healthy foods and want to make sure your new doggo feels the same, a name like Lemon, Ginger, Bran, or Butternut might just be mint to be. Kitsune, the legendary pets, are relatively new, but always in demand. My favorite female Japanese food name once again begins with a Y! Subscribe for virtual tools, STEM-inspired play, creative tips and more. Your email address will not be published. 67. Rina meaning "jasmine". 25. GIPHY App Key not set. Japanese Food Names for Cats Symbols of good luck and prosperity, cats have a special place in Japanese culture. 78. She is also doting auntie to a standard wirehaired dachshund named Flash Gordon. Datu - means Chief or leader. Chieko - means intelligence or wisdom. Check out some fantastic male & female cat names inspired by Japanese cooking! How Long Can a Cat Go Without Food? For example, Beans, Blackberry, or Starbuck make fun black dog names, while Snowball, Coconut, or Alfredo might just be the perfect name for your white canine companion. Cute Japanese Pet Names From furry friends to reptiles, we think every pet deserves a name as cute as they are. Akio is a cool name for Japanese male dogs meaning "a bright man or a bold hero". As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Pop-Tart. Sushi (Japanese origin), a traditional Japanese dish. 57. From sushi-inspired ideas to tasty sweet treats from the Land of the Rising Sun, youll find the perfect mouthwatering idea below! If you want to learn the Japanese language, you should start with pronunciation and reading of hiragana. Umi (sea or ocean) Bonsai (the bonsai tree) Nami (wave) Rina (jasmine) Mori (forest) Amaya (night rain) Taiyo (sun) Tsuki (moon) Cho or Chou (butterfly or butterflies) Yuki (snow) Kumo (cloud) Nori (seaweed) Uchuu (the cosmos) Taki (waterfall) Kuuki (air) Daichi (from the earth) Kingyo (goldfish) Aki (autumn) Chisai tori (little bird) Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Here are the most common Japanese cat names based on a survey conducted by the Japanese website Iris Pet: Azuki (sweet red beans) Chibi (tiny) Chobi (small) Fuku (lucky) Hana (flower) Haru (spring) Hime (princess) Kai (ocean) Koko (cocoa) Maru (circle) Mei (beautiful) Mikan (mandarin orange) Sushi is a famous cuisine in Japan, but several cat names are inspired by this Japanese cuisine. Just a few quick tips to help make picking your pets new name easy and fun: As much as the Japanese people love their pets, they may love sharing them with the world even more. 8. It means silver. 20. Donburi topped with seasoned beef and onion, Wheat noodles served with a number of savory toppings, including raw egg, ginger, and meat, A wagashi that resembles a pine tree dusted with snow, Donburi topped with broiled eel with vegetables, Commonly eaten in vast quantity by sumo wrestlers as part of a weight-gain diet, Savory pancakes with various meat and vegetable ingredients, flavored with the likes of Worcestershire sauce or mayonnaise, Thick taro potato stew popular in Northern Japan during the autumn season, Deep-fried vegetables or seafood in a light, distinctive batter, Spherical, fried dumpling of batter with a piece of octopus inside, Vegetables such as bite-sized onion, carrot, cabbage, mushrooms, and bell pepper are usually grilled togethe, Salt cured and pickled soy sauce salmon roe, Omelet filled with fried rice, apparently originating from Tky, Steamed sweet rice pounded into a solid, sticky, and somewhat translucent mass, A pressed sushi using cured or cooked fish, most commonly mackerel, Thinly sliced beef and vegetables cooked in a mixture of soy sauce, dashi, sugar, and sake, Barbecued chicken skewers, usually served with beer, Grilled, broiled, or pan-fried meat, fish, chicken or vegetables glazed with a sweetened soy sauce, Sushi with the ingredients on top of a block of rice. Whether you're inspired by your favorite snack or sweet treat, we are serving up some of the top food names for dogs to consider for your adorable new pup. 46. Also, keep in mind that this name will be shouted in the dog park, called out at the reception desk at the vet's office, and used by your groomer or dog walker. You can also add Mr. or Miss to the front of the name. Toshi is a masculine cat name meaning "one who is wise and bright". Hiragana is the easiest for people who are new to the language and it is used to structure sentences around kanji (characters), which are very challenging to learn and require studying brushstroke order. Age: About 3 years. 9. Liz Westwood from UK on September 16, 2020: This is a well-illustrated and interesting list of names. Jalapeno- This spicy pepper adds some Latino flavor to your pet's name. In fact, its already a cat name! Required fields are marked *. Here are several options of cute dog names for you to choose from: Agustin Spanish name meaning 'great' Aika Japanese for 'little love' Akira Japanese name meaning 'bright, clear dawn' Alani Hawaiian name meaning 'orange tree' Alexander For Alexander the Great. These cheeses and nuts also make a unique dog name. Kawaii: cute; Sensei: teacher or master; Kakashi: . 63. 36. Cannoli. The Arena Media Brands, LLC and respective content providers to this website may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Cute cat names Emi - Beautiful blessing Eri - Blessed gift G Geisha - A professional entertainer Ginkgo - A large shade tree H Haiku - A form of Japanese poetry Hana - Flower (one of the most popular names in Japan) Haru - Spring Haruko - Child of the spring season Haruki - A spring time tree Hideko - Splendid child French cat names It's a good idea to have a top ten cute female dog names list, and a top ten cute male dogs list, as well as a list of names that work for either. You can choose from beautiful-sounding colors, numbers, and shapes, as well as cute animal names like bears, pandas, and more. 98. Kazue is one of the cool Japanese dog names meaning "a blessing". Is he super hyper? Chunks of pork belly stewed in soy, mirin and sake with large pieces of daikon and whole boiled eggs, Chirashi involves fresh seafood, vegetables or other ingredients being placed on top of sushi rice in a bowl or dish, Rice and seafood or other ingredients are placed on a sheet of seaweed, A type of wagashi, which is a general term for snacks used in the Japanese tea ceremony, Japanese dumpling and sweet made from mochiko, Chinese ravioli-dumplings (potstickers), usually filled with pork and vegetables, Sticky rice surrounding a sweet bean center, Beef and potato stew, flavored with sweet soy, A fried, fish-shaped cake, usually with a sweet filling such as a red bean paste, A stir-fry from Okinawa, of vegetables, tofu, meat or seafood and sometimes egg, Fried tofu packet braised in sweet soy sauce stuffed with sushi rice. Alon - Filipino term for "wave.". Beluga Japanese pet name for fishes that are white in color. B. Banzan - Indestructible mountain Bassui - High above average Satoshi is a masculine name meaning a" fast learner". First, remember that this name will be around as long as your pup is, which could be anywhere from 7 to 15 years, depending on the breed. 51. Indigo is the best fit for a koi fish with a blueish tincture on its body. Yoshito meaning "an upright man", is apt for a Japanese purr breed. Why? Many of these edible baby names have long histories as names, such as Clementine and Rosemary, while others including Kale and Maple have been adopted as names more recently. 62. Japanese foods are well known around the world since it provides so many variants in the dishes apart from rice, like noodles, simmered dishes, snacks, and drinks. So if you want to name your dog after food but still want something with a Japanese origin, you're in luck. Why Is My Hamster Always Trying To Escape? Seriously, find yourself one and give it a whiff. Akemi meaning "bright and beautiful", perfect for a pretty dog. Hoshi means star. This name definitely suits this gorgeous breed's coat color As you continue pondering Japanese pet names, you might just take another scan through these lists and pick out 5-10 favorite possible names. Pumpkin Pumpkin's favorite past time is taking naps in odd places, but when she isn't napping you can find her trying to sneak snacks out of the cabinet. . The Japanese love giving their dogs creative and sometimes silly names, and weve compiled a list of some of our favorites. . Carnation Kiki Flower Azalea Poppy Rosie Bella Hyacinth Coco Stella Chloe Violet Goldie Pumpkin Camilia Allie Frankie Cricket Nessie Callie Sophie Maggie Daffodil Harper Cherry Winnie Queenie Sadie Peaches Bailey Dahlia Josie Gigi The same phenomenon is true in Japan. 45. Asiago. Dotty is apt for a fish that have multiple dots on its body. 96. Bruiser adds a nice ring for a nice and tough pet turtle in Japan. Learn how to create a happy, healthy home for your pet. What's the Difference Between Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji? Natt Onigiri Korokke-pan Imagawayaki Takikomi gohan Tsukemono Katemeshi Tonjiru Umecha Meharizushi Sekihan Sumashijiru Uir Nanakusa-gayu Yakimono Kotaro meaning "a grand shining son" is one of the popular names for Japanese ferret. You can choose from beautiful-sounding colors, numbers, and shapes, as well as cute animal names like bears, pandas, and more. Your email address will not be published. Also, Japanese food names can inspire you to find the perfect name for your cat, especially if you love Japan. You can take part of your name and add a suffix or prefix to it. It's not all about a cute or clever name when you're naming your girl dog. Whether your new dog or puppy is a girl or a boy, theres a cute food name for your pup. When deciding what to name a new pet it can be tough, if you are interested in Japanese-inspired cuisine this list of over 60 names may help you decide on a name for your new friend! Food Names for Girl Dogs Chia Carmella Berry Peaches Fluffy Olive Cocoa or Coco Brie Ginger Kiwi Pepper Lemon Margarita Cherry Bell (Pepper) Apple Bubblegum Ducky Chick Honey Bun Bun Muffin Clementine Rosemary Clove Charlotte Sherry Blanche Chili Magdalena Shirley Credit: Kathy Cacicedo / Getty The Shih Tzu (UK: / i t s u /, US: / i t s u /; Chinese: ; pinyin: X Sh qun literally "Hsi Shih dog") is a toy dog breed originating from Tibet and was bred from the Pekingese and the Lhasa Apso.. Shih Tzus are known for their short snouts and large round eyes, as well as their long coat, floppy ears, and short and stout posture. Apple - For the apple of your eye. What is your spirit Animal? Nothing beats a classic! Manu means "bird" in the Maori language. What better way to honor your passion for everything edible than bestowing a name fit for the king or queen of snacking on your new furry friend? Here are some Japanese dog names inspired by the cuisine! 16). 12. Finger Monkey Pets The Tiny Monkey That Loves To Hug, How To Keep Rabbits Cool In The Summer: 10 Top Tips For Keeping Bunnies Safe In A Heatwave, Cute Cat Names 250 Adorable Ideas For Your Cute Kitty. To use social login you have to agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. 48. Copyright 2023 The Paws on the Cravings Pro Theme. 47. Inoue Toro is also known as the Sony cat. The interesting thing about Japanese is they don't . Here they are! Then check out these Japanese food-inspired names for dogs! Seeichi will exemplify a Japanese dog who is "sincere and loyal". Erica Puisis writes about home products for The Spruce and specializes in interior design and plant care. Tabasco- Another spicy food that might work for a cat with an attitude or just with some red coloring. Ambrosia Incredibly pretty and ethereal-sounding, Ambrosia, which means "food. Apricot. %privacy_policy%. Give yourself plenty of time and try out a few names before picking the one., Tomoe Gozen (Japans most famous female samurai), Midori (green; means growth, energy, youth), Ao (blue; means calmness, stability, femininity), Kuro (black; means powerful or foreboding), Miyamoto Musashi (famous duelist and swordsmith school founder), Sanada Yukimura (one of the greatest warriors), Yasuke (African slave turned Japanese samurai). 42. Find the perfect name for your new furry, feathered, or scaled love here. Make sure you pick one that you love from this list of girl and boy cat names. 61. Stout - Another dark beer. 39. Peanut- one of the cutest food names for Dogs especially for a tiny dog. Beanie - A lovely feminine name. Sora is indeed a beautiful name. Waffles- Fun name for a dog that is goofy and playful. 81. 53. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. 1. If you are looking to learn Japanese, you will want to start by learning to pronounce and read hiragana. Kidlat - means "Lightning". 2. ): sushi isnt really what most people think it is. Angel is one of the popular names for fish having long white flowy fins. Kidadl is independent and to make our service free to you the reader we are supported by advertising. Here you'll find all collections you've created before. Daiki is amongst the Japanese dog names, meaning "shining and large". Leah Lopez Cardenas, Senior SEO Editor for Daily Paws. Home 60+ Cute Japanese Food Names for Dogs, 57+ Super Cute Mexican Food Names for Dogs, How to Dry a Golden Retriever After a Bath 6 Ways. Surly - Surly Brewing MN. In addition to accompanying the Chinese diaspora, a variation of shumai also appears in Japan as (, shmai) and various southeast Asian countries. How to Pick the Perfect Name for Your Pooch, 240 Creative Girl Dog Names for Every Letter of the Alphabet, 150+ Cute Dog Names for Your Adorable Pup, 175 Creative Names for Your New Black Dog, The Best 150 Dog Names for Your White Pup. If you love spicy sushi, you cant go wrong with Wasabi! 94. Oki is one of the cute fish names meaning the middle of the sea, signifying its habitat. 4. 58. We think that these names are very 'Kawaii' (which means cute!) 69. 44. If your dog is black or white (or any color, for that matter), there are surprisingly numerous food names for dogs that fit those descriptions. 76. Haruka is a funny names for cats that means "daydreaming". Poplar - based on a plant from the willow family. Can You Keep A Squirrel As A Pet In Your Home? Calm quiet and sometimes vengeful, reptiles are one of the most peaceful pets ones can have. Sakura: Sakura are the cherry blossoms in Japan. 83. by Names inspired by nuts, spices, fast food favorites, and summertime treats like ice cream, hot dogs, and burgers are all fair game for naming your pooch. The hardest part will be deciding on just one! If you are a Japanese cuisine lover through and through and wish to pay homage-or perhaps your cat is drawn to your table every time you bust out the chopsticks-we have the ultimate list of Japanese inspired food names for your cat. 75. Japanese food is popular all over the world, and many dishes have names that make super cute pet names too. by Deanna C | Jul 30, 2019 | Names | 11 comments. Be sure you will still feel comfortable using the name as your pet grows up. Top Food Names for Dogs Peaches Sage Wonton Pickles Bao Nutmeg Fig Ramen Ginger Cocoa Bean Chai Pumpkin Biscuit Oreo Mochi Cinnamon Peanut Gaspacho Chip Churro Tips for Naming Your Dog Choosing the perfect name for your pup is exciting, but requires some thought. Top Japanese Dog Names Yoshi Kenzo Sushi Other Popular Japanese Dog Names Adzuki (red bean) Aki (spring) Akira (intelligent) Amaya (night rain) Asami (morning beauty) Chiyo Emi (blessing) Emiko Hana (flower) Haru (sunlight) Hiro Kimi (noble) Koko Kurumi (walnut) Maki Masumi (clarity) Megumi (blessing) Miyu (gentle) Momo (peach) Nori (seaweed) Yuki is great for snow-white cats. 31. What we suggest is selected independently by the Kidadl team. Toro is a great name for a cat! Some of the most popular Japanese dogs are the: Shiba Inu, Spitz, Hokkaido, Akita and the big and ferocious yet stunning Tosa Inu. Jiro meaning the second son, is a Japanese dog name that aptly fits if you consider it as your second child. 49. Kabob- This food on a stick incorporates the name "bob" for a clever pet moniker. Sora Sky is one of the most top-rated names for Japanese pet birds. Enter your account data and we will send you a link to reset your password. Emily Walker To use social login you have to agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. We have special categories for dogs, cats, exotic pets, and house pets. Chiko is a cute and sweet name for a Japanese dog breed meaning thousand. She's contributed to Forbes and smart home blogs like Smart Home Solver and TechDigg. 7. Aki - bright / autumn Haru - spring Haruki - shining sun Takahiro - of great value, nobility Haruto - sun flying Kaoru - fragrance Katashi - firm Taiki - great radiance, shine Takashi - prosperous, noble Grab a snack and keep brainstorming for the perfect dog name with these other helpful articles: When you visit the site, Dotdash Meredith and its partners may store or retrieve information on your browser, mostly in the form of cookies. Nutmeg. Here are some fun food names to consider for your crazy pup. Shiro is amongst the popular cat names in Japan, meaning "white". Pick a name you will feel comfortable saying out loud in public, just in case! Konichiwa! For starters, the Japanese love their pets so much so that many Japanese adults are even choosing having pets over having kids! Copyright 2023 Meredith Corporation. Neko ( cat) Koneko ( kitten) Fuwafuwa ( fluffy) Tora ( tiger) Kegawa ( fur) Rion ( lion) Pansa ( panther) So, here is the list of Japanese food dog names to help you find a good name for your pooch! 26. Japan: Top 5 most famous pet dogs in Japan. I hope these have inspired you to choose one for your new friend! For the dog that's always hungry, there's a perfect name to honor her favorite treats (or yoursbrownies, anyone?). Rikuto is a funny name for Japanese dogs meaning a person of land. Barbie-Q - Pick this name for a girl pig. 93. Aiko is one of the female Japanese dog names meaning someone "full of love and affection". If you want to name your dog after food, pop culture, or personality descriptions, there are great Japanese name options for your dog. 55. Many celebrities have already taken a page out of the (recipe) book when it comes to their pet names, including Victoria and David Beckhams English cocker spaniel Fig, Camila Mendes maltipoo Truffle, and Joe Jonas and Sophie Turners Alaskan Klee Kai dog Porky Basquiat. Take The Quiz To Find Out, 15 Famous Dogs Of Instagram you have to Follow, 12+ Pomeranians For Anyone Whos Having A Bad Day, 10+ Wild Animals People Found a Place for in Their Homes and Hearts, What Are The Best First Pets for Toddlers: 10 Kid-Friendly Pets, 180+ Fox Red Lab Names For Your Red Furry Labrador Puppy, 120 Dog Names Meaning New Beginning For Your New Puppy, 150+ Big White Dog Names For Your Large Canine Friend, 120 Small White Dog Names For Your Cute And Fluffy Puppies, 60 Dog Names Meaning Brave: The Bravest Names for Your Dog, Badass Chocolate Lab Names: 70+ Ideas for Brown Labrador Dog, 60 Dog Names Meaning Friend For Your Furry Best Friend. Purin: A Japanese pudding; Ramen: Japanese soup and noodle dish; Sake: Japanese rice wine; Sashimi: A popular Japanese dish consisting of fresh raw meat or fish cut into thin slices; Sencha: A strong, green tea; Soba: Japanese buckwheat noodles; Sushi: Well-known Japanese food of rice and raw seafood wrapped in seaweed; Tamagoyaki: A Japanese omelet; Tempura: Battered and deep-fried dish of . Of course, its a lot more complex than that, as Japanese is a rich language, but at least it gives you the basic gist. . This cute and quirky name means "from a coal town," but most importantly, it's a semihard cow's milk cheese. If youre searching for the cutest kitty moniker, get ready for the ultimate list of Japanese food names for cats! You can find many delicious foods in Japan. Find inspiration in the Land of the Rising Sun! Please check settings. Cortado - espresso with flat steamed milk. How Long Can You Leave Cats Alone at Home. Ichika meaning the "gift of God" is an excellent name for your feline friend. 52. We all love our pets, but it can be tough to think of the perfect name, so we've tried to make it a bit easier by collecting a lovely list of pet names that are popular in Japan. Mio - beautiful cherry blossom Yoko - child of sunlight Maki - true hope Naoko - honest child Miho - protected, guaranteed beauty Kazuko - child of harmony Kyoko - respectful child Sakura - cherry blossom Makoto - sincere Kiyomi - pure beauty Hotaru - firefly Misaki - beautiful blossom Rio - village cherry blossom Kumiko - long-time beautiful child Congratulations on your new feline companion. Dak-Ho - deep lake. Sakura meaning "cherry blossom" is a Japanese dog names inspired by Japanese Cherry Blossom. I absolutely love all the names but kyoko an yukie were my favs! Sushi; Mochi; Miso; Tofu; Soba; Matcha; Udon; Ramen; Natto; Gyoza; Fugu; Somen; Teriyaki; Dango; Shoyu; Sencha; Kombu; Wasabi. Pick from nature-inspired names (planets, stars, seasons), food-inspired names (fruits, veggies), animal names (land mammals and fish), colors, numbers, and more. Read her : Latest Articles From sweet to sassy, old soul to young spirit, petite to powerful, these unique Japanese pet names can give you food for thought. Quake- a type of Quaker Oats cereal. The Most Beautiful and Popular Japanese Actresses. Even if your new pet isnt a Japanese breed, there are so many great reasons to choose a Japanese pet name! Mochi (a chewy rice cake) Sushi (sticky rice with vinegar) Gohan (rice) Pocky (a biscuit dipped in a chocolate coating) Is he black and white? by Get inspired with our editors list of favorite food names for dogs.

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