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[19], Healey held a number of nonprofit board positions, including serving as co-chairman of the board of trustees of the Peabody Essex Museum;[20] as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations;[21] the Visiting Committee of the Harvard Law School;[22] and the board of trustees of the International Game Fish Association. Anderson, Nathaniel (Nate);Young, Jesse D.;Stockmann, K.;Skog, K.;Healey, Sean P.;Loeffler, D.;Jones, J.G. Patterson, Paul L.;Healey, Sean P.;Stahl, Goran;Saarela, Svetlana;Holm, Soren;Andersen, Hans-Erik;Dubayah, Ralph O.;Duncanson, Laura;Hancock, Steven;Armston, John;Kellner, James R.;Cohen, Warren B.;Yang, Zhiqiang He is of questionable character, both personally and professionally. View history Sean Michael Healey (1961-2020) [1] was the chairman and chief executive officer of Affiliated Managers Group, Inc. (NYSE: AMG), a global asset management firm whose affiliates in aggregate managed approximately $736 billion as of December 31, 2018. Select the best result to find their address, phone number, relatives, and public records. Sean puts together concerts and then charges a bunch of groups to open for the main act. [3] AMG also uses employment contracts to ensure that asset management firms retain talented managers, and establishes long-term succession plans with managers. , 2012. Sean Healy Founding Principal at KIPP Purpose Academy Union City, NJ KIPP New Jersey, +3 more Penn State University Sen Healy Corporate Finance Graduate at National Treasury Management Agency. We investigated land cover trends in collaboration with experts from seven East African countries and through a series of data collection and technology transfer workshops. He reveals he has five children, aged between seven months and twelve years old. Butler, Edward;Stockmann, Keith;Anderson, Nathaniel (Nate);Skog, Ken;Healey, Sean P.;Loeffler, Dan;Jones, J. Greg;Morrison, James;Young, Jesse Burns had an affair with Stella several years previously and despite being married, still appears to be infatuated with her. Healey, Sean P.;Menlove, James S. He is linked to the PSNI corruption scandal that Stella uncovers over the course of her investigation. Louise Wallace (Ruth Bradley), Spector's solicitor. As he gets closer to Stella, he finds an unusual source of help in Katie. , 2009. Biswas, Tanushree;Walterman, Mike;Maus, Paul;Megown, Kevin A.;Healey, Sean P.;Brewer, Kenneth. This drinking continues into series three and he resigns his commission during the series finale. Champion fiddler and singer Sen Heely is one of the most creatively versatile and captivating young artists of his generation. Sean Healy Sales Manager at Jones Business Systems Ireland. Disturbance mapping in many parts of the country using Landsat time series. In series three, Katie has been released on police bail. (17 episodes, 2013-2016) Series Casting By Series Production Design by Series Art Direction by Click a location below to find Sean more easily. Sen has been a featured soloist with the Virginia International Tattoo in Norfolk, VA in April 2017, 2019, and 2022. In series two, Jensen claims that he did not molest Paul, with Paul later clarifying that this was only because he didn't wash himself, with the goal of repulsing Peter. Monroe wields great control over the police force and, in particular, Jim Burns. If you use ad-blocking software, it may require you to allow JavaScript from this web application. , 2018. [1], "Affiliated Managers Group, Reuters Company Information", "AMG Reports Financial and Operating Results for the Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2018", "Healey Rules $400 Billion Empire with Stakes in 28 Funds", "In the Money: Alumni financiers take stock of the market and careers spent trying to beat it", "Affiliated Managers Acquiring 70% of Tweedy Browne", "AFFILIATED MANAGERS GROUP INC (AMG) IPO",, "Affiliated Managers Group Thriving with Diverse Boutiques", "AMG Announces that Nathaniel Dalton Succeeds Sean M. Healey as CEO", "Investment executive Sean Healey leads $40m donation to Mass. On her second visit to the hospital, she is arrested for breaching her bail conditions and is remanded in a youth detention facility. Sean M. Healey, who was founding principal, executive co-chairman and former CEO of Affiliated Managers Group, has died after a battle with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, the company announced. Stahl, Goran;Saarela, Svetlana;Schnell, Sebastian;Holm, Soren;Breidenbach, Johannes;Healey, Sean P.;Patterson, Paul L.;Magnussen, Steen;Naesset, Erik;McRoberts, Ronald E.;Gregoire, Timothy G. Jensen is unrepentant and believes he was doing God's work by getting the boys to "explore their sexuality", claiming that they all consented. , 2022. The best result we found for your search is Sean Healy age 20s in Groveland, NY. New College of Florida, B.A., Biology, 1992, University of Washington, Ph.D., Silviculture and Forest Protection, 2002. He served as CEO from 2005 to 2018, taking on the position of executive chairman after his ALS diagnosis in 2018. Through his time with Spector, Larson also develops a strong friendship with Gibson, examining her psychology via various phone-calls and procedural meetings. Currently based in Washington DC, Sen performs locally and abroad with the Sen Heely Celtic Band, The Glencoe Lads and Jennifer Cuttings Ocean Orchestra. In the second series, with her investigation stalled, Gibson is forced to get results under the threat of a new 28-day review into Operation Musicman. In series three it is revealed that this is a lie and that Paul was Jensen's "favourite", subjected to daily abuse for a year. Documentation of forest management's carbon benefits in the context of natural disturbance regimes will be important in any carbon market as well as demonstrating global benefits derived from public forests. *Join ESA, NASA and Asteroid Day LIVE from 19:00 CET this evening in "Killing asteroids - with the experts", to find out more*. AMG was long based in Beverly, though it shifted its headquarters to West Palm Beach, Florida, several years ago after Healey moved there. However, no previously available tools allowed monitoring of the effect of root disease on carbon storage at a landscape level. People named Sean Healy. Despite being defrocked, Jensen continues to act as a priest behind bars and refuses to co-operate with Burns' questioning unless he is addressed as "Father". , 2008. Rick Turner (Richard Clements), a Detective Constable. A historically consistent and broadly applicable monitoring, reporting, and verification system based on lidar sampling and Landsat time-series(tested in the US, and applied to the US NGHGI reporting system). Growing forests take greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. [3] AMG was founded in 1993 with private equity backing from TA Associates and made its first investment in 1994. Peter Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan), the father of two young children. Let us help you navigate your in-person or virtual visit to Mass General. [2] Early life and education [ edit] Healey was born in San Rafael, California. Moser, W. Keith;Nelson, Mark D.;Hansen, Mark H.;Healey, Sean P.;Cohen, Warren Comparison of Tasseled Cap-based Landsat data structures for use in forest disturbance detection. Stueve, Kirk M.;Housman, Ian W.;Zimmerman, Patrick L.;Nelson, Mark D.;Webb, Jeremy;Perry, Charles H.;Chastain, Robert A.;Gormanson, Dale D.;Huang, Chengquan;Healey, Sean P.;Cohen, Warren B. Moeur, Melinda;Spies, Thomas A.;Hemstrom, Miles;Martin, Jon R.;Alegria, James;Browning, Julie;Cissel, John;Cohen, Warren B.;Demeo, Thomas E.;Healey, Sean P.;Warbington, Ralph Together, they pushed their father, Pat Healey, president and CEO of Viking, to turn a concept into reality. Then she tracks down her former friend Daisy Drake outside a nightclub and, as instructed to by Spector in series 2, she sprays a corrosive substance (lemon juice) in the other girl's eyes. [3], In April 1995, Healey was recruited to join Affiliated Managers Group (AMG), then a three-person start-up firm seeking to invest in boutique money managers. Address for correspondence and reprints: Sean Healy, Department of Behavioral Health and Nutrition, University of Delaware, 26 North College Avenue, Newark, DE 19716. Katie becomes increasingly rebellious by playing truant from school, performing a septum piercing on herself and running away from home after an argument with her mother. View Sean Healy's professional profile on LinkedIn. Kennedy, Robert E.;Yang, Zhiqiang;Gorelick, Noel;Braaten, Justin;Cavalcante, Lucas;Cohen, Warren B.;Healey, Sean P. Gibson relies on her heavily during the investigative process. In 1961, Julie devoted her "Volkswagen fund" to an Austin Healey 3000 (AH) with a small back seat for her two small children. Merit Cudkowicz, a world-renowned ALS researcher and Chair of the Neurology Department at MGH. Emma quit her office job back in 2021 to pursue comedy full-time and has remained booked and busy ever since. Deforestation in Haiti is well documented, with an estimated original forest cover remaining of approximately 1%. This puts him at odds with Wallace, and the two develop a fractious relationship. View Background Report Sponsored By TruthFinder. The new map uses 120weeks of laser canopy height measurements from around the world. Learn about the many ways you can get involved and support Mass General. 's at" , 2012. Dani is a skilled investigator, and proves herself invaluable to the team. She interviews Gibson under caution, though she later clears her of all wrongdoing. 2018 saw Sen featured on the cover the Fiddler Magazine Winter Issue as well as an interview article on Sen's journey to one of the foremost young performers of his generation. He died in May 2020. Sean Healy Music Facebook Instagram Soundcloud Youtube "Healy has a raw, unharnessed intensity to his vocals that command attention. . Forests partially mitigate human greenhouse gas emissions as trees sequester carbon through photosynthesis. Benedetto is placed under police surveillance and later arrested whilst trying to dispose of evidence that implicates Paul in the murders. Una Healy sends fans into frenzy with jaw-dropping body pic after throuple split "No words can help but I know your many happy memories of Sean will help you, he will always be in your heart. He is, at first, believed to be linked to the PSNI corruption scandal, though this is later disproved. Sean Healy, who spent 32 years with Memphis-based FedEx Corp., most recently as the regional chief operating . Morgan Monroe (Ian McElhinney), the Chairman of the PSNI oversight executive board. 36.9% Nationwide. Sean Michael Healey (1961-2020)[1] was the chairman and chief executive officer of Affiliated Managers Group, Inc. (NYSE: AMG), a global asset management firm whose affiliates in aggregate managed approximately $736 billion as of December 31, 2018.[2]. , 2005. A recently published article by RMRS researchers, Supporting National Forest System Planning with Forest Inventory and Analysis Data, provides examples that can help forest managers understand potential applications of FIA for forest planning and opportunities for pursuing additional innovative applications of this dataset. Find your friends on Facebook. Select this result to view Sean Healy's phone number, address, and more. , 2008. where is the serial number on vera bradley luggage. [1] The series features Jamie Dornan, with John Lynch, Bronagh Waugh, Stuart Graham, and Niamh McGrady. The Fall S03 E04 - The Hell Within Him Gibson comes face to face with As Spector's health stabilises, his legal team, lead by Sean Healy, move into action, determined he will never stand trial. New landscape change monitoring system tool helps us understand and visualize landscape-level changes over time, The Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation: High-resolution laser ranging of the Earths forests and topography, Use of Remote Sensing Data to Improve the Efficiency of National Forest Inventories: A Case Study from the United States National Forest Inventory, Assessment of the influence of disturbance, management activities, and environmental factors on carbon stocks of U.S. national forests, Benefits of the free and open Landsat data policy, Quality control and assessment of interpreter consistency of annual land cover reference data in an operational national monitoring program, Statistical properties of hybrid estimators proposed for GEDI - NASAs global ecosystem dynamics investigation, Supporting National Forest System planning with Forest Inventory and Analysis data, The stability of mean wood specific gravity across stand age in US forests despite species turnover, A LandTrendr multispectral ensemble for forest disturbance detection, Assessing the effects of fire disturbance and timber management on carbon storage in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, Generalized hierarchical model-based estimation for aboveground biomass assessment using GEDI and Landsat data, Implementation of the LandTrendr algorithm on Google Earth Engine, Improved prediction of stream flow based on updating land cover maps with remotely sensed forest change detection, Doing more with the core: Proceedings of the 2017 Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) Science Stakeholder Meeting; 2017 October 24- 26; Park City, UT, Forest sector carbon analyses support land management planning and projects: Assessing the influence of anthropogenic and natural factors. , 2017. , 2015. "I hope you know how much I cherish the memories of our time together. Spies, Thomas A.;Miller, Jay D.;Buchanan, Joseph B.;Lehmkuhl, John F.;Franklin, Jerry F.;Healey, Sean P.;Hessburg, Paul F.;Safford, Hugh D.;Cohen, Warren B.;Kennedy, Rebecca S.H. [3] ware county high school; tnt late delivery compensation; sims 4 likes and dislikes generator See Photos. , 2022. Like Spector, he is the father of two children. During series 2, his lust for Stella becomes more apparent when he attempts to force himself on her whilst drunk. , 2015. Sean Healy. We were always in step in sync on our shared passion for speed, excellence and global collaboration. Sean Patrick Healy Named to Fall 2015 Dean's List at Kutztown University. Unemployment has. Katie is put on trial for the assault on Daisy Drake, but at the plea hearing she is abusive and makes threats towards the judge, and she has to be removed from the courtroom. Following a confrontation in which Ferrington is shot at, Tyler hunts down Spector and shoots both him and Anderson. We are committed to providing expert caresafely and effectively. , 2007. Sept. 8, 2022. An educator in demand, Sen is an Adjunct Instructor at American University, he has also been on the faculty at several summer camps such as Acadia Traditional School of Music and Arts,Upper Potomac Fiddle Retreat, and Fiddle Hell Festival. However, these maps do not provide the annual land cover change information needed for higher-tier IPCC reporting, and land cover changes inferred from independent maps at different dates cannot easily be assigned a level of uncertainty. , 2014. Anesthesia, Critical Care & Pain Medicine, Billing, Insurance & Financial Assistance, passed away peacefully May 26, 2020 with his loving family by his side. Stella is often shown to be displeased at his attitude towards police work and in particular his habit of eating whilst on duty. James 'Jimmy' Tyler (Brian Milligan), a gangster whose son died as a child of meningitis. Name: . By October 1996, AMG had approximately $18 billion under management. 7 Likes, 1 Comments - Sean Healy Presents (@webookbands) on Instagram: "TOMORROW @hf_dreamcatcher ! After she rejects him, he is gunned down by unknown gang members. Visit Sean Healey and The Healey Home Selling Team Denver, CO Irvine, CA's profile on Zillow to find ratings and reviews. Sean has built up extensive experience in providing leasing and acquisition advice to a range of institutional and private clients as well as overseeing the Professional Services and Asset Services departments. Birdsey, Richard A.;Dugan, Alexa J.;Healey, Sean P.;Dante-Wood, Karen;Zhang, Fangmin;Mo, Gang;Chen, Jing M.;Hernandez, Alexander J.;Raymond, Crystal;McCarter, James How Sean Healy's Pay Compares: 34.4% Co-Workers. Dr August Larson (Krister Henriksson), a psychologist retained by the PSNI to examine Spector's competency. , 2022. Although it doesnt always cause large, eye-catching areas of mortality, root disease likely affects carbon storage by reducing tree growth and regeneration over vast areas. How to enable JavaScript in your browser. She blames herself for Kay's murder and tells Gibson this, resulting in her being recruited by Stella to work with Operation Musicman. Healey, Sean P.;Cohen, Warren B.;Zhiqiang, Yang;Krankina, Olga N. Menlove, James S.;Healey, Sean P. Sean Healey, the longtime chief executive of Affiliated Managers Group Inc. and a local business and philanthropy leader, died Tuesday at the age of 59 after living for more than two years with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, according to the firm. Sean Healey, the longtime chief executive of Affiliated Managers Group Inc. and a local business and philanthropy leader, died Tuesday at the age of 59 after living for more than two years with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, according to the firm. China has significant and growing forest resources, but those resources have been a mystery to most of the world until recently. Sean Healy Equity Partner & Administrative Partner of Phoenix Office at Lewis Brisbois Phoenix, AZ. We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us. Start your day off right, with a Dayspring Coffee He is a great guy! Zhao, Feng;Healey, Sean P.;Huang, Chengquan;McCarter, James B.;Garrard, Chris;Goeking, Sara A.;Zhu, Zhiliang Over the course of the series, she becomes embroiled in his crimes without her knowledge, and even provides a false alibi to the police. Bullock, Eric;Healey, Sean P.;Yang, Zhiqiang;Houborg, Rasmus;Gorelick, Noel;Tang, Xiaojing;Andrianirina, Carole (academic email) +353 89 984 3489 (Signal: a non-profit "WhatsApp") (Delta . Sean never saw this as just a battle against his own illness, but rather a fight to overcome all of ALS. He is a U.S National Scottish Fiddle Champion as well as an award-winning Irish Fiddler, singer, and harpist in the folk and Gaelic traditions of Scotland and Ireland. Kiera Sheridan (Aisling Bea), an Intensive Care Nurse employed by Belfast General Hospital. Healey Center Investigator Dr. Sabrina Paganoni recently shared a quote from MGH Emergency department physician Johnny Kim, MD that A hero is someone who, in the face of great adversity, rises to the challenge for the service of others. Sean was that hero for all of us at the Healey Center and for all people with ALS. , 2022. , 2010. By Joe Coscarelli. Katerina "Katie" Benedetto (Aisling Franciosi), a 15-year-old schoolgirl. This system depends upon inventory (FIA) data, satellite imagery, timber output records, and the Forest Vegetation Simulator, all of which are available consistently over time throughout the conterminous US. His death marks the beginning of Gibson's quest to uncover the corruption. , 2011. , 2012. Tweet. Healy is being held without bail in a Pennsylvania jail. "I . Ms. Healey and another Democrat running for governor of Oregon could become the first two openly lesbian governors in the country if they win in the fall. Seanwasan inspiration toall of usat the HealeyCenter. Champion fiddler and singer Sen Heely is one of the most creatively versatile and captivating young artists of his generation. , 2015. Healey, Sean P.;Yang, Zhiqiang;Gorelick, Noel;Ilyushchenko, Simon SS is dedicated to The Simpsons and host to thousands of free TV show episode scripts and movie scripts. Estimating land use and land cover change in north central Georgia: Can remote sensing observations augment traditional forest inventory data? Dr Joe O'Donnell (Richard Coyle), an emergency medical physician who is responsible for the immediate treatment and oversight of Spector. [14], Healey also helped AMG to expand globally. , 2012. Wulder, Michael A.;Roy, David P.;Radeloff, Volker C.;Loveland, Thomas R.;Anderson, Martha C.;Johnson, David M.;Healey, Sean P.;Zhu, Zhe;Scambos, Theodore A.;Pahlevan, Nima;Hansen, Matthew;Gorelick, Noel;Crawford, Christopher J.;Masek, Jeffrey G.;Hermosilla, Txomin;White, Joanne C.;Belward, Alan S.;Schaaf, Crystal;Woodcock, Curtis E.;Huntington, Justin L.;Lymburner, Leo;Hostert, Patrick;Gao, Feng;Lyapustin, Alexei;Pekel, Jean-Francois;Strobl, Peter;Cook, Bruce D. She asks Sean Healey to pass on a letter to Spector, but he refuses. The Healey Center is the largest hospital-based ALS research program in the world and supports a broad range of early stage trials of promising ALS treatments. , 2019. So Much STANK In This Here's the video link Gibson has been seconded to the PSNI on a 28-day review of a murder investigation that quickly escalates into a hunt for a serial killer and she's made the Senior Investigating Officer (and Silver Commander) of Operation Musicman. Economic growth has been exceptional. Jensen was convicted of sexually abusing the boys placed in his care and was sentenced to prison. You probably just need to change a setting in order to turn it on. Select this result to view Sean Thomas Healey's phone number, address, and more. The Landscape Change Monitoring System (LCMS)is an emerging remote sensing-based system for mapping and monitoring land cover and land use change across the US. See full bio More at IMDbPro Contact Info: View agent, publicist, legal on IMDbPro Known For EastEnders Director (2018-2021) Coronation Street Director (2016-2022) Emmerdale Farm Camera and Electrical Department (2007-2021) Hollyoaks Director Schroeder, Todd A.;Healey, Sean P.;Moisen, Gretchen During series three, it is noted that his murder remains unsolved. , 2015. Thanks Sean Healy for making a potentially great night into one filled with waiting and my ears crying for mercy. Cohen, W.;Andersen, H.;Healey, Sean P.;Moisen, Gretchen;Schroeder, T.;Woodall, C.;Domke, G.;Yang, Z.;Stehman, S.;Kennedy, R.;Woodcock, C.;Zhu, Z.;Vogelmann, J.;Steinwand, D.;Huang, C. Sean was diagnosed with ALS in May 2018. if you need help he is there for you. Healy and O'Reily run a drug operation in Oz though O'Reily eventually sells him out in order to ingratiate himself with Nino Schibbetta. Burns allows her to retain her job, which leads her to fall victim to a vicious assault during her final showdown with the killer. Find out about the innovative new HEALEY ALS Platform Trial, which is accelerating efforts to bring new ALS treatments to patients. Ho un'idea; brazilian carnival men's costume (phone/SMS) Social Links. ;Morrison, J. Masek, Jeffrey G.;Cohen, Warren B.;Leckie, Donald;Wulder, Michael A.;Vargas, Rodrigo;de Jong, Ben;Healey, Sean P.;Law, Beverly;Birdsey, Richard;Houghton, R. A.;Mildrexler, David;Goward, Samuel;Smith, W. Brad. After returning to duty, Anderson is once again attacked by Spector whilst protecting Stella in an interview. After Customers Paid Large Deposits for Home Projects, Contractor Files for Bankruptcy, Spring' Snowstorm Hits Friday Into Saturday Here's the Timing, Snow Total Predictions and Other Impacts, Stoneham Police Chief Announces Retirement. It premiered in the Republic of Ireland at 21:30 on 12 May 2013, and in the UK on BBC Two at 21:00 on 13 May 2013. , 2014. Joseph Mineo (Phillip Scozzarella) - An elderly Italian American CO. surviving his injuries, Spector claims to have lost six years of memory. 265 others named Sean Healy are on . , 2011. "BBC Two Sets Premiere Date For 'The Fall', "The Fall series 2: every character is named after a guitar",, Lists of British television series characters, Lists of Irish television series characters, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 21 September 2022, at 19:23. The firm still has an office in Beverly. Following her arrest for assisting an offender, Sally attempts to kill her children. For more information about these cookies and the data Sean Healy is a professor in the Kinesiology department at Humboldt State University - see what their students are saying about them or leave a rating yourself. Like us on Facebook; Follow us on Twitter; See us on LinkedIn; Print this page; Contact Information. Sean Healy Administrative Officer at Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications Dublin Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications, +1 more University College Dublin. , 2018. Feeling unattractive, she lied, stating that Spector had had sex with her, and as a result Jimmy tracks her down, beats her, and goes on to shoot Paul and Tom Anderson. At the time of his death, he was married with two children. Most of the remnant stands of original forest cover in Haiti are highly fragmented, with the last remnants primarily found in Massif de la Hotte mountain range of the southwest. Northwest Forest Planthe first 10 years (1994-2003): status and trend of late-successional and old-growth forest. Dubayah, Ralph;Armston, John;Healey, Sean P.;Bruening, Jamis M.;Patterson, Paul L.;Kellner, James R.;Duncanson, Laura;Saarela, Svetlana;Stahl, Goran;Yang, Zhiqiang;Tang, Hao;Blair, J. Bryan;Fatoyinbo, Lola;Goetz, Scott;Hancock, Steven;Hansen, Matthew;Hofton, Michelle;Hurtt, George;Luthcke, Scott [4] AMG opened the firms first distribution office in Australia in 2007, and thereafter expanded into Europe, Asia and the Middle East, to help its affiliates develop relationships in overseas markets. Because of Sean, we are launching now the first platform trial initiative in ALS, an approach that will accelerate finding effective treatments for people with ALS. Nelson, Mark D.;Healey, Sean P.;Moser, W. Keith;Masek, J.G. His practice incorporates painting, drawing, sculpture and installation, and his material experimentation is at the core of his intensive art-making practice. He is later shot by James Tyler whilst cuffed to the serial killer and suffers nerve damage as a result. 100% CAUCASIAN Sean Healy. He is a U.S National Scottish Fiddle Champion as well as an award-winning Irish Fiddler, singer, and harpist in the folk and Gaelic traditions of Scotland and Ireland. , 2018. , 2020. Jones, Gavin;Shirk, Andrew J.;Yang, Zhiqiang;Davis, Raymond J.;Ganey, Joseph L.;Gutierrez, R. J.;Healey, Sean P.;Hedwall, Shaula J.;Hoagland, Serra J.;Maes, Ron;Malcolm, Karl;McKelvey, Kevin S.;Sanderlin, Jamie S.;Schwartz, Michael K.;Seamans, Mark E.;Wan, Ho Yi;Cushman, Samuel A. Sally Ann later becomes pregnant and the first series ends with Paul fleeing Ireland for Scotland as the net closes in.

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